Proudly Presenting Origami Fox

We’re pleased to welcome Origami Fox, the latest addition to our collection of vintage style wedding favours and gifts.

With a passion for paper and print, Origami Fox can help you create some unique touches, from wedding invites to name cards, to make your big day extra special. It’s the little things that count!

What’s more, Origami Fox would like to offer you a gift, exclusively through The Vintage Wedding Collection! A 10% discount on invitations and RSVPs or a 15% discount when you order the Invitations + Day package (three or more items)!

To find out more, check our the Origami Fox profile right here at The Vintage Wedding Collection.

Up Close & Personal with View from the Slow Lane

Name: Sammy & Colin from View from the Slow Lane
Location: Forfar
I Do: Vintage vehicles for wedding and holiday hire; 3 classic VW campervans and a 1934 Triumph Gloria

NC500 I.Caldwell

Light Us Up! Quick Fire Q&A…

Q: Name your greatest passions in three little words…
A: Adventure, wildlife, family

Q: You can have a date with any vintage icon. Who is it?
A: Cary Grant

Q: Favourite wedding location – city, seaside or country?
A: Hmm, definitely countryside in the spring with lots of wild flowers, rolling scenery & sunshine.

Q: Complete this sentence. You know it’s true love when….?
A: You can’t even begin to find the words to describe how you feel about them.


 The Deep & Meaningful…

Make us fall in love with your brand! With plenty creative fish in the sea, tell us what makes you special?
Well besides our quirky fleet of four wheeled friends; I have to say our love of tailor made details, after all it’s not just about the destination but the journey to get there. Special requests & surprises are our  favourites, but all the little details we can add for a truly personal touch is what it is all about for us.


Step back in time! Which 20th century vintage era do you visit? And why?
Well, with a love of the VW ‘hippie bus’; it would have to be back to the end of the 60s, to enjoy peace, love & rock & roll at Woodstock Festival.

Share your all time favourite love story?  (movie, book or real life)
I love ‘Out of Africa’, the breath taking scenery, romantic meals in the wilderness, haunting music & heartfelt compassion. My favourite scene is actually when Robert Redford washes Meryl Streep’s hair for her, out in the middle of the bush; such a simple yet personal & romantic moment.


Tell us a personal story about following your heart or making a big commitment?
I was born & lived all my life in Kenya, so meeting Colin on the most epic journey of my life; travelling overland from Cairo to Cape Town & deciding to move to Scotland is definitely top of my big, heart led commitments.

Inspire us! Can you share any exciting trends or precious tips to help with wedding planning?
Don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing or wants you to do. Set your own trends for your wedding, make your day remind people of you, a touch of nostalgia is always a good thing.


Leave us a love note – your favourite piece of romantic, relationship wisdom…
A good laugh till your belly hurts & tears stream down your face, combined with a long, lazy sleep are the two best cures for anything.

 Discover more about View from a Slow Lane via their Vintage Wedding Collection member profile.  

A Warm Welcome to Deeside Vintage Hire

The Vintage Wedding Collection would like to give a warm welcome to Deeside Vintage Hire, the newest addition to our fantastic collection of Vintage wedding designers.

Mum and daughter team Linda and Kate are a force to be reckoned with! Not only are they passionate about Vintage, they’re also passionate about people. They take the time to really get to know their clients, so that they can give their wedding’s real personality.

Their collection of goodies is ever growing! So why not check out their Deeside Vintage Hire page here on the website. What’s more, if you mention The Vintage Wedding Collection, you will receive 15% of your booking!